Liz Pullano


When nerdy video game executive Matt finally comes to terms with being a trans woman after a lifetime of denial, Matt must figure out how to navigate the life- changing journey of transition all while raising a 12- year-old son as a single parent. Based on a true story.

Liz has been a comedy nerd since childhood, even sending in original sketches to SNL in grade school. Yeah, they were rejected… something about “Not accepting unsolicited material,” and “Please stop bothering us.” Years later, after a stint in a Boston comedy troupe, she landed her first industry gig as Head Writer on an MTV sketch show, the first of many TV jobs.

Liz has had a diverse career as a writer, producer, showrunner, and development executive in both scripted and unscripted content. Highlights include: Writer on 500 episodes of Blind Date, Head Writer on sketch shows for MTV and Nickelodeon, Showrunner on two series and ten comedy specials for E!, Senior Producer on unscripted shows including Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love. Her festival-winning short comedy film "The Immigrant", co-written with Scott Thompson of the Kids in the Hall and co-starring Will Forte, Dave Foley and Michael Cera, was optioned by Fox Television Studios.

Liz has two feature film credits as a writer and later worked for four years as a Director of Development at WarnerMedia’s Machinima Studios. While there, she Executive Produced two animated series and developed a superhero series for DC Entertainment. She later developed an animated Transformers trilogy series with Hasbro that was sold to Netflix and premiered in 2020.

She’s a proud trans woman whose unique background has given her insight into both sexes, and a passion for authentic stories of marginalized voices in the LGBTQ+ community.


Matt Dy (Lit Entertainment Group)