Turner Hay


When a baseless accusation causes him to become the prime suspect in his ex-boyfriend's disappearance, a disgraced West Hollywood gogo dancer is plunged into a mystery that seems to touch every corner of LA's cattiest gayborhood. 

Turner Hay (he/him) - Growing up gay in small town Virginia, Turner Hay was rarely invited to parties. In lieu of a social life, he spent his childhood in front of the television, laying the groundwork for what is now an encyclopedic knowledge of film and pop culture. After fleeing to Los Angeles, he earned an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA, appeared on the Tracking Board's Young & Hungry List, and was a Samuel Goldwyn Finalist. His script BITTER PILL made the 2016 Black List, and he previously worked as an assistant to Barbara Hall (MADAM SECRETARY). His female-driven crime comedy pilot called MANSLAUGHTER is currently being produced by Riley Keough's Felix Culpa.


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