2024 Out Loud List

Congratulations to this year's honorees!

We are proud to announce this year's Out Loud List, elevating the voices and material of quality, industry-vetted writers. Below are this year’s honorees, featuring a diverse range of genres including dark comedy, family drama, historical fiction, sci-fi, sports, and more. These selections underscore our commitment to showcasing untold stories from the queer community, celebrating its diversity, challenges, and achievements, and ensuring rich queer characters and narratives are brought to life.

These writers are not ranked, but instead sorted alphabetically by last name. Please click on each to learn more information about them!

A half hour dramedy series about a gay former child star embarking on the journey of fatherhood, through IVF, as he navigates real family, chosen family, and the resurgence of TV family when his former best friend and costar, "America's sweetheart", comes back into the picture wanting a baby of her own.

Reps: Robbie Ezratty, Caroline Soss (Artists First)

When black-sheep Mazin’s golden-child younger brother Sharif blows his life up (not a terrorist joke) the first night of Ramadan, Mazin begrudgingly helps him pick up the pieces – even if it means spending more time with their judgy traditional parents.

Reps: Garrett Greer (Haven Entertainment)
Marissa Fine, Jennifer Good (Paradigm)

Mike Kosinski (he/him)

Annie Hart gets a second chance at life when she's released from prison after serving 17 years of a wrongful conviction, but now she must navigate a society she no longer recognizes, aging parents, and a son who no longer wants her in his life.

Rep: Brooke Shoemaker (Artists First)

It's 1942 on the gilded Gold Coast of Long Island, and the Jewish-American Helenberg family wields their wealth and power with cunning and tact. While war rages an ocean away, it suddenly arrives in this privileged place in the form of a young man claiming to be a British refugee--but who has in reality arrived on the Helenbergs' doorstep with much more nefarious intentions.

Open to representation

In a world where a tangible window into the afterlife reveals that the age and state of your body at death is how you will exist for eternity, a young woman must take drastic measures to die young and inadvertently learns how to live.

Open to representation

Three years after every cisgender heterosexual in the world suddenly disappears, an unlikely group of friends struggles to figure out their lives.

Rep: Garrett Greer (Haven Entertainment)

A workplace comedy set in the NFL following sideline reporter Mary Brigman as she is unexpectedly forced to fill a legendary commentator's seat on-air and grapples with being the first female color commentator.

Reps: Casey Neumeier, Brooke Shoemaker (Artists First)

After a devastating friend break-up, a seemingly cheerful millennial girly becomes obsessed with finding a new BFF, at any cost.

Rep: Kate Hart (Anonymous Content)

At a Modern Orthodox Jewish high school, a closeted gay sophomore and his two best friends must come to terms with their own identities as they navigate awkward romance, overzealous rabbis, and antisemitic bullies from another school.

Open to representation

Twenty years after abandoning his Broadway dreams to care for his family, a middle aged, midwestern restaurant manager attempts to find happiness in the strangely competitive and political world of community theater.

Reps: Becca Lonngren, Brad Mendelsohn, Jon Kee (Circle M+P)