Alison Wong


Follows the half-Asian/half-white Natalie who, upon coming out to her family, discovers that her sister is also gay. They've struggled to maintain a relationship over the years, but the two attempt to reconnect and find ways to form a friendship through this newfound similarity.

Alison is currently a Staff Writer on Disney TV Animation’s I Will Not Kiss Scott Federman and has a lesbian romantic comedy feature script in development with Chris Bender and Marja-Lewis Ryan which was a selection on the 2019 Hit List. Previously, she was a Staff Writer on Sony TV and Pop’s One Day At A Time, a staff writer at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures and a writer on Maude Night at UCB. She has written and performed for many award-winning web series on CollegeHumor and BuzzFeed, and can be seen in Comedy Central's digital sketches featuring WellRed Comedy. She was a member of the late house sketch team, SlapFight, at the P.I.T., where she also performed her one woman show "Super Straight" which was featured in the P.I.T.'s QueerCom Festival. Alison has been featured in the NBC Diversity Showcase, "You Must Be Joking" with Hannibal Burress and "The Residuals" web series with Horatio Sanz.


Jason Lubin (First Story Entertainment)

Paul Weitzman (Culture Creative)