Tommar Wilson


Twenty years after abandoning his Broadway dreams to care for his family, a middle aged, midwestern restaurant manager attempts to find happiness in the strangely competitive and political world of community theater.

Photo by Matthew Schmidt

Tommar Wilson (he/him) is a screenwriter from Topeka, KS. He spent twenty years as a Broadway actor appearing in shows including HAMILTON, HAIR, and the vampire musical LESTAT. He was previously a fellow of the NBC Launch TV Writers Program. His original screenplay UP, UP, and AWAY! earned a quarterfinalist honor in the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship in 2019. As a writer, Tommar considers himself the lovechild of Barry Jenkins and Bryan Fuller, creating rich, grounded characters navigating life through heightened, and sometimes fantastical realities. He is particularly interested in drama that centers gay, Black protagonists, and explores important issues like mental health, addiction, and the elusive human connection, while leaving plenty of room for joy and humor. Tommar is currently staffed on THE IRRATIONAL for NBC.


Becca Lonngren, Brad Mendelsohn, Jon Kee (Circle M+P)