Mano Agapion


The completely true account of a very dysfunctional family in North Carolina's small Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern community. It's the story of an arranged marriage, a mother's secret boyfriend, and a young queer kid's unfortunate role in the chaos. 

Mano Agapion (he/they) is a queer Arab/Greek comedian from North Carolina.... I know, yikes! He recently wrote on sitcoms like Pretty Smart & Punky Brewster. Before that, he was head writer on a Spotify Podcast called Nightmare Neighbors. He was a teacher and performer at UCB-LA on various house teams like Winslow, Benetton, and QueerWorld! He hosts a sold-out comedy drag show every month at Dynasty Typewriter with Nicole Byer & Oscar Montoya called Bad Drag Race! He's also SUCH a podcast KWEEN: hosting Drag Her, We Love Trash, & Podcast Killed The Video Star. As a writer/performer you might have seen him on TV shows like Hacks, HouseBroken, Drunk History, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bajillion Dollar Properties, Adam Ruins Everything, & Comedy Bang Bang. Mano wants to thank the fat Arab kids from his childhood. Without their love and wisdom, he’d be nothing.


Casey Neumeier and Nick Callari (Artists First)

Katt Riley (A3 Artists Agency)