Moe El Emam


When black-sheep Mazin's golden-child younger brother Sharif blows his life up (not a terrorist joke) the first night of Ramadan, Mazin begrudgingly helps him pick up the pieces--even if it means spending more time with their judgy traditional parents.

Photo by Christopher Stewart

Mohamed "Moe" El Emam (he/him) was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, learning to speak Valley Girl English from a steady diet of American film and television. After bouncing back and forth between Cairo and Abu Dhabi, Moe’s family ended up in Atlanta, where he became a U.S. citizen. Moe then disappointed his Muslim immigrant parents by studying theatre at Georgia State University and moving to Los Angeles to pursue a television writing career. He’s previously developed with Jackal Group and Stephanie Allain’s Homegrown Entertainment. When not writing or listening to podcasts at double speed, Moe spends his time trying to find a decent bowl of grits.


Garrett Greer (Haven Entertainment)

Marissa Fine, Jennifer Good (Paradigm)