Amanda Caitlyn Eberhardt


In an age of extreme decadence and political unrest, a rebellious teen empress sets her sights on one of Rome’s holiest--and most untouchable--of women, setting off a chain of events that threatens to tear down the most powerful empire in the world - if her own family doesn’t destroy her first. Based on the incredible true story of Rome’s first and only trans female ruler, Elagabalus.

Photo by Thomas D. Eberhardt, Sr.

Amanda Caitlyn Eberhardt (they/them), also known as Ace, is a nonbinary writer whose passion lies in telling immersive, emotive, and inclusive stories, especially fantasies and period pieces featuring strong central femme and queer characters. They have lived, studied, and traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, which heavily influences their work. Having survived living between the binaries that attempted to destroy them, their writing explores this liminality and exposes long-forgotten and purposefully erased narratives.


Myra Model (Myra Model Management)