Derek Liakos


It's 1942 on the gilded Gold Coast of Long Island, and the Jewish-American Helenberg family wields their wealth and power with cunning and tact. While war rages an ocean away, it suddenly arrives in this privileged place in the form of a young man claiming to be a British refugee--but who has in reality arrived on the Helenbergs' doorstep with much more nefarious intentions.

Photo by Elran Tsabag

Derek Liakos (he/him) is a film and television writer originally from Westchester County, New York. After studying theater at Skidmore College, Derek moved out to Los Angeles like many an aspiring writer before him. He developed GOLD COAST under the mentorship of fellow Skidmore alum, Oscar nominee Melisa Wallack. Derek's work often explores Jewish-American identity, queer identity, and class dynamics -- he specializes in emotionally complex dramas with a healthy dose of levity. 


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