Rom Lotan


Inspired by true events, an undercover Israeli case officer extorts gay Palestinian informants for crucial intel in the West Bank. When he falls in love with his most dangerous asset to be, the enemies-turned-lovers must work together when their countries and allegiances turn on them. Full of action and twists-and-turns, but also pain and coming-of-age tenderness, this first of a kind, genre-bending espionage drama is currently in development with a prominent studio and showrunner as an EP for the American market.

Photo by David Sarfati

Rom Lotan (he/him) is a writer-producer originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel. He served for over a decade in the Israeli Defense Intelligence working in political-strategic intelligence, special ops, and international relations. He later worked in the tech startup industry, before pursuing writing, turning his experience into new stories, upending the genre in a modern way.
Rom graduated with an MFA from USC's prestigious Peter Stark Producing Program. Back in Israel, Rom earned a BSC in Middle Eastern History and Computer Science and an MA in Government and International Relations. He is a Sundance Episodic Lab 2020 Alum and a BAFTA Newcomer. Rom developed shows for leading studios and production companies such as 20th Television Studios with Oscar-winner Josh Singer (Spotlight, First Man) and Danny Strong (Dopesick), a musical with Ink Factory (Night Manager) and Idina Menzel (Wicked), Chris Brancato (Narcos, God of Harlem) and MGM and Bedrock Entertainment and Dan Sackheim. Previously, Rom was staffed on NATIONALS for AMC (Gran Via, Jason Horwitch). Rom is repped by Anonymous Content and APA in the US and ADD in Israel.


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