Neil McNeil


Following a group of East LA 20-somethings attempting to reinvigorate queer nightlife post-pandemic: as each member of the group begins to fall on hard times, they collectively come up with the only logical solution: performing a ritual sacrifice of their one cis straight friend...which goes horribly awry.

Photo by Nicole Maroon

Neil McNeil (he/they) is a queer writer who grew up in Brooklyn as the out-and-proud son of two NYPD officers, and is a graduate of Emerson College. Neil spent his first few years in Los Angeles working in digital media and considers himself a failed YouTube personality, and has also unsuccessfully tried his hand at both stand-up and improv comedy as a former student of The Groundlings. His past writing credits include The CW's Katy Keene and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin on HBO Max. When he's not writing, he can be found roaming the aisles of your local comic book shop.