Out Loud Writers List

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There is a need for quality projects by and featuring the LGBTQ+ community. Incredible strides have been made among groups increasing representation for women and people of color, with organizations like WeForShe and endeavors like CAA’s Amplify Database pivotal forces toward bettering diversity in Hollywood. An opportunity exists for the LGBT+ community to do the same, and per that goal, the first initiative we have launched is our Out Loud Writers List!

The immediate objectives are twofold:

In order to achieve that, and similar to how the Black List and WeForShe operate, we've asked industry professionals whose taste we trust to share the best un-produced pilots they’ve read that center on stories of gay, lesbian, bisexual, pan, ace, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, or otherwise queer characters, for consideration in what will hopefully be a new, lasting writers list for these marginalized and intersectional identities.

It is our objective that this list will not only highlight the types of queer stories we want to see on screen but also lead toward development deals, new representation, and in general a better awareness of the quality- and diversity-at-large of our community.

By sourcing from professionals working in the business, we can ensure a shared belief in the potential for these individuals and the excellence in quality of their projects.