Rob Forman


Set in an alternate, vampire-infested world where being outside after dark is a death sentence, when the creatures suddenly disappear. Humanity is eager to return to the way things used to be, but Simon, a gay vampire hunter who who lost his entire family to the bloodthirsty monsters, realizes things may not be as they appear. With all the world's wishes for normalcy against him, he must face the terrifying night alone.

Rob Forman's first memory is of Princess Leia in her iconic golden bikini, choking Jabba the Hutt to death. It explains everything about his love of kick-ass female characters, escapism, and genre. storytelling, but nothing about his sexuality. Rob grew up in Princeton, NJ, the middle child of three boys. He moved to Los Angeles immediately upon graduating with a business degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to pursue a career in writing. Inspired by a range of poppy influences from anime to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rob specializes in blending tones and genres, with an emphasis on outsiders, action, heart, and humor. His TV staffing credits include Army Wives and iZombie, and his original, high-concept TV development has sold to Freeform, BET, and TNT. He is currently writing an AAA video game for Insomniac Games. Rob is the Vice Chair of the WGAW’s LGBTQ+ Writers Committee and the co-founder of The Rainbow Pages, a grassroots list of LGBTQ+ WGA members.


JD Sobol (Pebble Entertainment)