John Lowe


A successful black angel investor in San Francisco becomes frustrated with the lack of diversity in the online dating world, so he decides to make his own app with the help of his friends.

John Lowe (he/him) is very loud, very gay and very Black. In 2021 he received his first staff writing credit on a Disney+ series.  His passion is writing dark comedies and mind-bending dramas. Comedy and crime have been a longtime fascination for him. As a Black and queer man, all his writing is focused on characters that are (like himself) underdogs. He grew up poor—really poor. He and his single mom were homeless for several years in his childhood. When John was accepted to the prestigious University of Notre Dame, it felt like a family triumph.  Then the cold reality hit: at a private school designed for the wealthy and well-connected, the steep price of tuition was far out of reach. To everyone’s shock and joy, a wealthy man responded to an ad John's high school guidance counselor put in the paper asking for charitable donations. The plot twist came after he got the check. When John did some research, he learned his kind benefactor was a third-generation mobster.


Allard Cantor, Jarrod Murray, Anastasiya Kukhtareva, and Chenoa Estrada (Epicenter)