2021 Out Loud List

Congratulations to our inaugural list winners!

In 2019, representation of queer characters on TV reached an all-time high but proceeded to drop in 2020. Trans representation has seen the greatest increase in visibility, but only 1% of queer characters are trans-men specifically. Meanwhile, the number of asexual characters and those living with HIV/AIDS remains small.

Two steps forward, one step back. How do we continue making progress? We need more queer writers telling the stories of queer people. We know that amplifying queer writers and their voices—even if just staffing in a room, even if just for development—ultimately leads to better representation broadly. It leads to exposure in Hollywood, to knowing producers, studios, networks, and the powers that be. It leads to a more nuanced and inclusive vision of being a human, to new ways of seeing the world, and to a seat at the table.

For these reasons, Out in Hollywood is proud to announce our inaugural Out Loud List, elevating the voices and material of quality, industry-vetted writers. Below are this year’s honorees, featuring a diverse array of genres from comedy to period and many levels of experience, not ranked, but sorted alphabetically by last name. Please click on each writer to learn more information about them!

We encourage you to reach out to these writers' reps and meet them for staffing, take a general, or even read their material in consideration for development. We promise you will not be disappointed!

Randy Blair

In late 1960's Baltimore, a closeted overweight hairdresser with dreams of stardom sets off to fulfill his divine destiny after becoming best friends with a rebellious comedic genius and aspiring filmmaker who will change underground cinema forever.

Rep: Cullen Conly (Mosaic)

Rob Forman

Set in an alternate, vampire-infested world where being outside after dark is a death sentence, when the creatures suddenly disappear. Humanity is eager to return to the way things used to be, but Simon, a gay vampire hunter who who lost his entire family to the bloodthirsty monsters, realizes things may not be as they appear. With all the world's wishes for normalcy against him, he must face the terrifying night alone.

Rep: JD Sobol (Pebble Entertainment)

After their mother dies, a long-held secret complicates the futures of three adopted siblings and puts their New Orleans bakery in jeopardy.

Rep: John Tomko (The Cartel)

Naomi Iwamoto

A young female doctor decides to come out to her Japanese family, only for her dad to beat her to it.

Rep: Hannah Ozer (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)

Miguel Nolla

In a modern retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray set in the world of high fashion, when top designer Adela Marquez is faced with the reality that her husband and right-hand man is dying, as well as mounting pressures from inside her family to sell her fashion empire, Adela is left with no choice but renegotiate the deal with her initial “angel investor”: the Devil.

Rep: David Chien (Art/Work Entertainment)

Raymond Arturo Perez

A 30-something amateur drag queen secures a spot in a 10-week local drag competition that could jeopardize his day job as the music director at his hipster Christian church.

Rep: Chervine Naamani (Rain Management Group)

Liz Pullano

When nerdy video game executive Matt finally comes to terms with being a trans woman after a lifetime of denial, Matt must figure out how to navigate the life- changing journey of transition all while raising a 12- year-old son as a single parent. Based on a true story.

Rep: Matt Dy (Lit Entertainment Group)

C. Quintana

Following a shitstorm of loss, an adrift thirty-something returns home after a decade of failing in New York City and finds an unexpected passion and a whole new (queer) career.

Reps: Martin To & Katt Riley (A3 Artists Agency)

As the town of Salem, Massachusetts prepares for their 10th Annual Harvest Festival, something strange happens that derails the big day and makes everyone start to wonder if there could be a witch among them in this PARKS AND REC meets DICKINSON period comedy.

Reps: Dustin Doty (Velocity Entertainment) & Olivia Doud (Mosaic)

Alison Wong

Follows the half-Asian/half-white Natalie who, upon coming out to her family, discovers that her sister is also gay. They've struggled to maintain a relationship over the years, but the two attempt to reconnect and find ways to form a friendship through this newfound similarity.

Reps: Jason Lubin (First Story Entertainment) & Paul Weitzman (Culture Creative)